Our Work

Since 2011, when Enroll America was founded, our staff, volunteers, and partners have worked across the country in communities big and small to help uninsured Americans get covered and stay covered.

Mathematica Policy Research described Enroll America and its consumer-facing campaign, Get Covered America, as “an innovative outreach approach that uses data-driven, campaign-style methods to increase enrollment under the ACA… The approach prioritized efficiency and evidence in ways more commonly associated with the private sector… This model included real-time tactical support conducted at a level of scope, rigor, and sophistication never seen, to our knowledge, in a public coverage program outreach effort.”

Over the years, we have tested, analyzed, and fine-tuned our program and tools. Here are just a few things that we know are critical to a successful enrollment campaign:

  • Applying data-driven and metrics-based methods to outreach.
  • Putting consumers first, and meeting them where they are.
  • Teaming up with partners to reach a wider audience with greater precision.
  • Engaging local and specialty media outlets that serve as trusted messengers to key communities.
  • Buttressing grassroots organizing with cutting-edge digital engagement strategies

Check out our State of Enrollment reports and final report for an in-depth look at what we learned and accomplished along with way:

State of Enrollment: Helping America Get Covered and Stay Covered, 2014 – 2015

State of Enrollment: Lessons Learned from Connecting America to Coverage

How Millions Got Covered: The Story of Enroll America, the Affordable Care Act, and the Enrollment Campaign that Transformed America

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